Poem time: Lycanthrope or vampire?

Stunning Sunday everyone! How are you doing? These days, I have been reading and listening to some thriller/horror novels and therefore I am in a mood today to post a short poem inspired by that. As usual grab a cup of coffee/tea, or whichever beverage you like, find a little cosy corner, and enjoy!

Lycanthrope or vampire?

Pitch black, the sky starves,
run, run, do not stumble,
the fear creeps into your heart,
hush-hush, no-one to trust.

The cold stone, the freezing dust,
hair entangled, the wind, the whispering stars,
gazing at the void, howls, whine,
crimson paintings and red wine…

Please let me know if you enjoyed the poem.

  • Are you into thrillers and horror stories?
  • Do you have any to recommend?

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Till next time take care and remember to smile! 😊

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