Verses – Writing Prompt (March 2021)

Happy and amazing Sunday everyone! Hope you all do great and had an amazing weekend, energizing and filled in with happy little moments, creating memories and spending time doing the stuff you love! Today I would like to give you some verses which you could utilize as a writing prompt, to build around them, either … Continue reading Verses – Writing Prompt (March 2021)

When procrastination has zero chances against you!

Cheerful, merry and outstanding Sunday everyone! Hope you had an easy and astonishing week, you got the opportunity to relax and unwind during the weekend and you are ready for the new challenges ahead. Today, as the title reveals, we will discover together how you can always come out as a winner on a fight … Continue reading When procrastination has zero chances against you!

Books review: February reads (2021)

This article does NOT include any affiliate links. Happy, wonderful Sunday everyone! I hope you are doing exceptionally well and you are ready for another Sunday evening post. Tonight I am going to present you my February 2021 reads, so as usual grab a cup of coffee or tea, make yourself comfortable and let’s walk … Continue reading Books review: February reads (2021)