Why time is, besides our health, our most important asset (believe it or not it is indeed!)

Amazing Sunday everyone! It has been a while since I posted something on my Blog, however it was for very good reasons. I had some other undertakings and ongoing endeavours, and I did take pleasure in every bit of them. Although they kept me for a while busy and absorbed a certain amount of my time, it worth it, even if I had to be absent from my Blog for a few weeks.

And time is our subject for today. I’ve been contemplating lately how, apart from our physical and mental health, which is the A and Z for our existence, time is the second priceless asset we possess. Yes, I recognise you might be doubting the validity of my statement above. For sure dozens of questions may cross your mind like: What about, family, money, friends? And the list can go on and on endlessly. Well, no… Time is still and by far the best candidate for position number 2 among everything else mentioned above. Let me please expound a bit further on the matter, hoping to enlighten you in a way you can follow along the course of my thoughts.

Time: Our time in this lifespan is limited (this is valid for everyone, no matter how wealthy or poor one might be and irrelevant of whether one has a certain prestige on the community or not). Therefore, time is a super scarce good. Money cannot buy time and the way we spend every minute of this precious good is of the outmost importance.

Now let’s dig into what happens when we have abundance of time. The existence of plenty of time unlocks and unfolds in front of us an endless number of possibilities. It basically equips us with opportunities to delve into our creativity, perform what we love and figure out a way to do so while gaining money, building wealth, but above all with absolute control of our time, which translates into ultimate freedom. Spending our time wisely and in a manner that we can basically indulge into what we like and when we like is a freedom that cannot be obtained necessarily with money. There are a lot of people who earn a decent amount of money; however, they still miss the freedom of using their time when and as they like it.

Luxury of time means a prospect of enjoying more our friends, our family and hobbies. Yes, you indeed need money as well to cover at least your basic needs, however the little rat game most of us are trapped at, including “go to school, get a good degree, find a job and slowly climb the carrier ladder”, is not a pre-requisite, or the only way, not even the best way to earn our living. Lavishing a free and fulfilled life without having to trade 5 or 6 days of your week for 1 or 2 days of “free” time is a powerful thing. Time combined with control of this time equals freedom and potential for a happier life.

Of course, not everything is as simple as that and of course a bunch of us need to work to make a living, without always having the possibility to maximize freedom of our time and gaining full control of it. What is important though is to understand that there is another way as well to live a more stress-free and meaningful life

Linking all these pieces above, the main take-away is: Use your time wisely and spend the early mornings, while your mind and body are most productive and alert on the projects you cherish. Perform first the stuff which will boost your personal development and well-being and build at least a certain level of “time-freedom” or “time-flexibility”. Do not waste your most productive years on the pursue of someone else’s dream. Always live and work towards your dream and most importantly, have fun while doing so!!! Because, well, life without fun is so boring!

  • What is your view on this topic?
  • Do you consider as well time a valuable good?

I would love to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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From the bottom of my heart have a wonderful day! Till next time take care and remember to smile! 😊

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