Poem time: Underwater, or so I thought my love

Underwater, or so I though my love

While she dived her senses heightened, reached up to the sky,
although all she could see was the blue water line.

Her soul was flying above the surface, as if she had emerged again alive,
but she kept dropping and dropping deeper inside the dark liquid path.

Reddish and yellow a bunch of fish formed a sublime dance,
she stirred her body to the right, with a gentle push she set the water aside.

It was so enthralling what was unfolding in front of her eyes,
a new world mystical, transcendent, was arduous to find words to describe.

Life and energy mixed with tranquillity, variety, harmony and love,
so thankful she had enough oxygen to further scout this spellbinding yard.

She must have remained for hours, being bewildered and with a wonderment reflected on her eyes,
until the time finally approached, she had to go back to the starting point, into the safety at last.

And while she headed up with her heart pounding faster from the struggle,
she took with her the memories, but a part of her vitality was left inside this concealed secret part.

You never know what type of life is blooming and opens new horizons away from us,
let your heart and mind be open and embrace whatever comes…

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Till next time take care and remember to smile! 🙂

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