How to write captivating action scenes

Mesmerizing Sunday my lovely readers!

Writing captivating action scenes is essential for all kind of fiction writing. This skill becomes especially important for genres like Horror and Adventure. Surely each writer was confronted at least once on his/her writing carrier with the need to develop a kind of fighting, or any other type of action scene. And probably most of us found ourselves wondering which are the main elements needed to have our plot brimming with suspenseful conflict? How can we keep our readers hooked and have them turning the pages to find out what comes next? Well, no need to keep wondering, since today we will answer all these questions and will further explore this topic. As usual, grab a cup of warm coffee or tea, find a wonderful cosy corner and let’s discover together the best tips and hints for writing amazing action scenes. 😊

Tips and Hints for writing captivating action scenes:

  1. Include scenes that reflect a turning point at the story.
  2. The action shall be there to advance the story plot and the outcome of it shall provide a different and new direction.
  3. The action scene needs to flow, be fast and captivating.
  • Provide insights about the characters’ personality and traits
  • Before engaging a character into an action scene, make sure that you have provided enough insights on their personality and the way they tick.
  •  By doing so your readers can better relate to them.
  • So, make sure that the conflict is always driven by the characters’ personalities and traits.
  • Provide a clear agenda for each of the persons involved on the action scene.
  • Each person needs to have clear goals.
  • What is on stake for each of the involved characters plays a critical role.
  • The higher the stake, the more our audience will be invested on the action scene.
  • Of course, as with everything else in life, a certain balance is needed to avoid overrising the stakes and exhausting the readers in the process.
  • Do not over describe the scenery and avoid any unnecessary distractions.
  • Carefully choose the surroundings to fit and better accommodate the specific action scene.
  • Build on potential threats and particularities of the surrounding environment that could influence the outcome.
  • Do not overdo it with the details. Only focus on what is important to advance the plot.
  • Do not present your hero as the ultimate fight weapon.
  • Your hero needs to have some weaknesses, granting the possibility of loosing the fight, to keep the suspense alive.
  • A character that easily wins or if on both physical and mental superiority can ruin the suspense of the action scene and make the outcome obvious.
  • Include turning points and surprises to the extend needed.


I hope you did enjoy today’s topic and that you found 1 or 2 useful hints that can guide and support you next time you write an action scene. I would be delighted to hear from you any other specific tips or hints you use when writing action scenes. Feel free to leave me your comments below.

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