Spirit, life, writing and martial arts

Today was such a sunny and bright day! The sun arrays fell on the glass of my balcony and created the reflections of the surrounding trees and buildings, images so real and so cheerful. There is something magical with the sunny days! They tank you with energy and lift your spirit. Spirit is one of the aspects on our life that we tend to forget about and neglect it due to us being busy bees, flying around non-stop. Therefore, I think that today is a great opportunity to bring our focus back to the spirit and discuss how it can guide us through our life. The right attitude and spirit supports us to take the correct decisions, whether these are decisions for our life, for our writing and WIP, for our martial arts endeavours etc.  As usual, grab a cup of warm coffee or tea, find a cosy corner and get ready to explore this topic with me!

Definition of spirit

There are currently several definitions of what spirit is. A lot of them are avaliable online and here are some of them:

– “The non-physical part of a person, which is the home for emotions and character, what we call the soul.”

– “The prevailing or main quality, mood, or attitude of a person, a group, or a period of time.”

– “A vital principle held to give life to physical organisms.”

– “A supernatural being or essence.”

– “The immaterial intelligent or sentient part of a person.”

Why cultivating our spirit is important?

Cultivating our spirit can have several benefits for our everyday life. 

– It helps us embrace the unknown, be prepared for whatever the future can bring on our way.

– Developing our spirit can lead to more possibilities and expand the potential of our life.

– It helps us to build strong and cohesive character.

– It enable us to look at things from a different angle and explore another perspective.

– It enhances our inner awakening and support us in the process of discovering universal truths.

Spirit and martial arts

A considerable increase of our spiritual capacity can be achieved as well through the exercise of traditional martial arts. Incorporating the proper spiritual approach to the practise of martial arts leads to further development and growth of our spirit.

– It teaches us how-to live-in peace and harmony.

– We learn how to approach various situations with maturity and avoid fight.

– Meditation plays a key role.

– It harnesses inner power and strength.

– It supports a prospect of life filled with hope and provides us a sense of a better future.

– It enriches and promotes inner peace.

Spirit and writing

Writing can be used as well as a form of spiritual practise to elevate our spirit.

– It reaches the deepest thoughts and secrets of our soul.

– It gives an artistic hue on our life. It better expresses our emotions and supports the growth of our personality.

– By elevating our spirit, we gain new strength and discipline which in return can help us with the writing process.


I hope you enjoyed these few lines on this topic.

Please let me know your thoughts on the subject and share your experience.

I am looking forward to your comments and your insights.

Take care and remember to smile! 🙂

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