This is why I find the night inspiring when it comes to writing. The other side of the coin (early in the morning), plus tips to boost your creativity (January 2021)

Happy New Year my lovely readers! I hope you had an exceptional start in 2021 and that the first days have been inspiring, creative, cheerful and they brought you positivity and lot of willpower to face any possible challenges ahead! As promised this blog post will tackle why I personally find the night inspiring when it comes to writing, what is the other best alternative, according to my opinion, and which easy tips you can implement to boost your creativity! Take a warm cup of coffee or tea, sit down to a comfortable cozy corner and let’s dive into it.

Why during the night words flow and inspiration kicks-in?

It is again past 11 pm and a gratifying, voiceless, undisturbed atmosphere is floating around, filling the house with the silent echo of the night. A gloaming illumination from the lights resting on the grass decoration underneath the dining table glass, as well as the flame from a few candles light up the otherwise dim living room. I snug in the white puffy thrower next to my Christmas tree (yes, I still have my Christmas tree decorated cause the more you can hold to the captivating Christmas mood the better) and let inspiration flood my mind, body and get released into the real world through my pen and paper (or from time to time through my keyboard and laptop). I embrace the imagination and just let the words glide… But what is so powerful and mystic with writing during the night and why?

  • Free of distractions time

First of all, late at night is the only period during which almost everyone is done with the massive and stressful “To-Do-List” of the day and during which we can afford to just sit down, relax and let intuition and inspiration replace the busy little “Taz” within us. This is the time when we connect with ourselves and we let emotions and feelings come to the surface.

  • The day is over, the inspiration kicks in

So another day of life craziness is over. Full time job, full time household keeping, full time of parenting and/or whatever else you have to deal with is over. For sure it has been another mad busy period, but during this time no matter with what we occupied ourselves with, we inhaled life to its fullest, we exposed ourselves to a lot of different stimulations, which subconsciously fed us with an underlying artistry. Now, that the day is over, is the time to use all these encounters we sniffed in and let them come out with the form of creative writing inspiration.

  • Peaceful and emotional

Following the same pattern as above, the late night hours when everything else is over and you just sit down with yourself, no-one else but yourself, is the time to be honest to you, the time you let emotions flow, come to the surface, where you admit the good and the bad, the nice and the ugly. It is the time you can get inspired by yourself, your feelings and everything you have experienced.

How to boost your writing creativity and make the most out of it during the night?

So far so good, you are probably getting convinced and would love to try to stay awake till late and check from first hand, whether being a night owl could benefit your writing goals, schedule and revelation. But you still have some doubts, you wonder whether you can really let the day craziness behind and indeed connect to your true self and feelings. Wouldn’t it be great to get some aid to wipe out this doubt, get it out of the way and just unwind and try it out? Well, luckily I might be able to assist you in doing exactly that, by sharing some proven tips that could set the arena for an eminent night writing performance. So let me start with mentioning just some basics, which I will not analyze much, since they are the basis anyway for a balanced life and good performance and probably well known to all of you.

  • Sleep enough (how long it depends from person to person, but it is good to try to have at least 7 hours sleep to rest and re-generate your cells).
  • Have a balanced and healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly

So now that the basics are out of the way, let’s focus on some further tips.

  • Have fun (Have fun? Are you astonished to see this on the top of the list? Well, do not be. Having fun is a key element to help you take clear decisions, bring in some wonderful and abstract ideas and breakthroughs. So use the opportunity whenever you can and if possible indulge into something fun for a while before starting focusing on your night owl writing marathon).
  • Have a hot bath / shower (Having a hot bath or shower apart from giving you the possibility to relax and recline, can accommodate as well the establishment of a conceivable new beginning, like a transit from the totally occupied and demanding day to a productive and tranquil night.)
  • Meditate (Meditation is a well-known technic for increasing self-awareness and focusing on the present. Additionally, with the correct and deep breathing involved, you will help blood to flow better in your body, including your brain and will set yourself ready for all the inspiration to kick-in.)
  • Have a warm coffee / tea / chocolate (Lay your hands on your favorite warm drink and make yourself feel secured and at-ease and you are ready to start!)

The other side of the coin (early morning writing inspiration)

As much as I am personally in favor of the night owl writing time, having a demanding full time day job, can constitute it arduous and tough to stay awake late at night (speaking of personal experience here). So, what can you do if you fall into this category? For me at least, waking up earlier in the morning (around 05:30 / 06:00 am) is a good alternative for the days I cannot, due to other commitments, stay up after midnight. There is as well something enlivening with the soundless dark early mornings, which in my case works out very well, especially when it comes to writing poetry. In the morning after a good long sleep you can seize the day feeling fresh and motivated to commence with something that you love. Of course the downside of the early mornings is the limited time you get due to the clock counting down the minutes left before you have to jump into your other assignments of the day.


As I swallow the last sip of my herbal tea and put down my last thoughts for tonight, my recommendation is to try to make use of the enchantment of the night as much and as often you can, even if it is only during a weekend, a holiday, a vacation or a day off. If you face however difficulties that prohibit you from doing so, do not let your passion dwell on stagnation, instead try out the early morning alternative and see what works best for you.

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I would like to know:

  • Is night a source for inspiration for you as well?
  • Are you a night owl or an early riser?

Till the next post, take care and smile!

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