3 Reasons why I started this blog site (December 2020)

Good afternoon my lovely readers! I am really happy and excited today, to reveal to the internet community my blog site and get a chance to connect with all of you. In this first blog post I will take you through my journey and will explain to you the 3 main reasons for starting this blog. Let’s take a big breath and dive right in!

Before we start a few words about the author:

As you will find out by clicking on the “About” section of this blog site, my name is Athanasia Tsina and in my veins run Greek Mediterranean blood. Fun fact about me, although warm hearted, I very often catch myself to freeze to the bone. Having spent most of my life in the sunny, salty and marvelous home country of mine, I moved some years ago abroad, on a central-west spot of the European continent. Some of my main hobbies, of which you will get to know more if you follow my blog, are: writing (especially poetry), travelling and taekwondo. Stay tuned to discover more about some of these captivating subjects and not only (I will probably speak about inspiration and how to get the best out of yourself as well) as this blog will grow week by week.

Why I started this blog:

Ok, so far so good, but why did I even start to write this blog and what do I want to achieve with it?

Number 1

Having a time consuming and stressful full time job, I was feeling lately, that there is so much potential and creativity within me, that was staying unexpressed and wasted and I was looking for a way to express myself by creating some meaningful content and connecting with you.

Number 2

Additionally, I found this a great chance to bring some of my poems out to you, receive some constructive feedback and exchange with other creative souls that enjoy poetry and any of my other hobbies.

Number 3

Another reason is of course to make you aware of my poems e-book published recently on Amazon kindle and any other e-books to follow. From time to time there will be some sales and/or my e-book will be offered free of charge, so this blog is also a chance for me to inform you about these promotions and give you the opportunity to grab the content on zero or discounted cost, so keep an eye especially on the upcoming events calendar.

If you are interested and would like to have a look on my first e-book called “The 5 stages of the quest: a 15 poems anthology”, you can find the relevant links here:

What type of poems do I write?

Having studied economics and having pursued a carrier on the business world, I am writing poems only as a hobby (I always enjoyed spending some time alone with a pencil and a piece of paper in front of me during the very early morning or very late night hours).The main source for my inspiration arises from personal experiences, from nature and from my imagination. I write modern poetry, that brings into the surface deep feelings with the intention to make the reader travel. Here below you will find one small poem, to give you a first glimpse on my work.

Breaking inertia

Droplets chilling and invigorating

benumb the brain and every cell.

It is the echo of rejuvenation

it enraptures my subconscious self.

So hushful and so divine,

a new aeon rising, a virtuous fight.

Like flames, a burning sapphire

the illusions glide, the reality unwinds.

poems, why started blog, poetry, blog, writing

Drop me a comment and let me know, if you enjoy writing poetry as well. Check out my my post regarding night inspiration and my other poems: narcissism, rapted in pages, the knife and the cloud / night whispers and mystical.

  • Did you find this post useful?
  • Did you enjoy my poem?

If you wish please let me know your thoughts, send me an email and sign up to this blog.

Till the next post, take good care of yourselves and let positivity and inspiration guide your days!

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